Derek (Administrator & Contributor): 

I am a Kansas kid for my whole life now, recently married and in graduate school for theology.  I hope to teach theology and lead worship.  These are my two aspirations; kind of a odd combo, but i am a bit of a different fella.  I have been married for about 7 months now (7/1/06) and am still learning as i go.  here is a pic of my wife and i: isn’t she beautiful!  How could i have gotten so lucky!


Theologically, i am a pilgrim (to use Pinnock’s metaphor), still on a journey.  One thing that i am convinced of at this point that i don’t ever see changing is my view that theology, if it is to be Biblically based, must start first and foremost with who God has revealed himself to be in both his nature/character.  I believe this is huge because this starting place (hopefully) keeps my theology grounded in the relational nature of the Christian faith, while still allowing for abstract thought “later” on down the road.  This had led me to a couple of places of novelty and controversy and while i hold these positions tentatively, i do believe at this point that they square best with the affirmation that God is light (good, loving) and in him there is no darkness (wickedness, evil, favortism). 

I also see the doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation as fundamental truths for theology, b/c they reveal fundamental aspects of God’s nature.  This i hope keeps me on the straight and narrow road of traditional orthodoxy (although occasionally it leads me to unexpected and unusual places!).  I believe that the Nicene faith provides a hope for the reconnecting of all Christendom, although i am not sure what that should like.

So to sum up, i believe that theology begins and ends in the truths of the Trinity, Incarnation, and His goodness.  Understanding how to define and articulate what those truths are, as well as their implcations for the other areas of doctrine in the faith is the challenge, but this starting place will hopefully keep me connected intimately to God and enjoy His love for me throughout the process.   

Other Interests 

My other interests are philosophy, cosmology, astronomy, historical philosophy and theology, psychology (particularly matters relating to mind), playing guitar, and the Kansas Jayhawks (KU basketball all the way in 07!).  To read about some of m other interests, see my regular blog.

Finally, please feel free to disagree with me.  I want to take my view that i am pilgrim seriously and have integrity, so call me out if i am misguided!  I may disagree, but hopefully we can learn from each other and experience God’s goodness deeper. 

 John (Contributor):

I’m a philosophy Ph.D. student at the University of Iowa. I just finished an M.A. in philosophy from Western Michigan University. I also have a master’s degree in religion, and I double-majored in philosophy and theology for my undergraduate B.A. Needless to say, I’ve thought about questions relating to faith and philosophy a lot. I’m a fairly laidback guy, and I respect anyone who is honest in seeking answers to tough questions. I have no patience for rude, arrogant, or ignorant people. I get a lot of e-mail, and I regret that I can’t promise a reply, but if you would like to send me some feedback, follow these directions. You can find out more about me and my philosophy on my website.

If you would like to thank me in the form of material goods for the contents of this blog, far be it from me to stop you! Check out my wishlist, and have gifts shipped directly to me.

Xavier (Contributor):

I am a student at the University of Dallas currently working on an M.A. in philosophy.  Before that i received a Master’s Degree in Historical Theology from Dallas Seminary.  My interests include Historical Theology, Metaphysics, Medeival Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Religion.  Also, i have another group blog called Summa Philosophiae


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